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Looking for holistic healthcare solutions with a functional medicine approach? Look no further. Our qualified staff can help you find a path of healing.

Meet Lauren

As a functional medicine holistic nurse Lauren will help provide guidance and education opportunities to assist you in reaching your health care goals.


Hi! I am Lauren and I am the founder of Hanson Holistic Health LLC. I became a registered nurse in 2007 graduating from Evangel University with my Bachelor of Science in Health Care and Cox College of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduation, I went to work in Columbia, MO on the Oncology unit where I also spent time working as a Supportive/Palliative Care RN for Boone Hospital. After 8.5 years, my husband and I, along with our growing family, moved near St. Louis, MO. It was then I decided I wanted to pursue a different type of nursing. While I loved bedside nursing, at the time I still had little ones at home. In 2013, my husband’s health started to decline and the traditional western medicine did not provide answers nor solutions. It was then that I started researching about natural solutions and preventative health. Since that time, my curiosity became my passion. 

In the summer of 2021, I decided to combine my experience, education and passion in holistic nursing. I completed my certification in Holistic Nursing program from Pacific College of Health and Science in the Spring of 2022. In April of 2022, my dreams became reality when I opened my office for Hanson Holistic Health in Cottleville, MO. Healing the whole person is a process, but having someone there to listen, encourage and empower is so needed in healthcare today. I look forward to connecting and encouraging you on your path towards healing. 

Our Services

At Hanson Holistic Health we offer a variety of services to help you along your wellness journey. 


We begin with an initial consultation for all of our new clients, this allows us to connect with you and provide a thorough comprehensive assessment.


We offer functional holistic care to help you on your wellness journey and give your body the tools in needs to heal itself.



Our goal at Hanson Holistic Health is to provide our clients with optimal results.
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I met Lauren and immediately connected with her warm personality. After hearing her personal story and seeing her heart for helping others, she introduced me to high quality essential oils. I use oils with my family and in my office, for a variety of reasons. The Forgive and Balance blends in a diffuser work great with my clients. I use Serenity on the bottom of my children’s feet for a great night sleep. Celery Seed oil helps with my heartburn, and Oregano, Tea Tree, and Frankincense blended together work wonders on blemishes or small wounds. Lauren is knowledgeable about various symptoms, listens to your specific needs and always recommends the perfect oil. She opened my eyes to how the earth has provided us with natural medicine and I would trust Lauren to help me find the right essential oil for any ailment I may have. I refer my clients to her all the time. Thank you Lauren for sharing your passion with the world!
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My introduction to doTERRA essential oils was through my friend Lauren and her personal experience and testimony led me to trying them for my own chronic health illnesses. In order to go forward with my health decisions I needed to go off certain medications for two weeks which totally terrified me. But I learned while using doTERRA essential oils that I was able to function without using certain harsh medications that I had used for years.  I am still using these oils for my every day life and strongly recommend them to family members and friends. They really work and it is done without using dangerous harsh chemicals. 

Upcoming Events

Check back later for upcoming functional health events.

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